Aelle 80 Sas , Italian manufacturer of cleaning machines for professional use for over twenty years , manufactures vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners and extractors scrubbing , class A BARREL ROLL, high quality and high power designed and manufactured to solve effectively , so quick and easy cleaning of the big problems . All our products are manufactured according to all the criteria of safety and robustness in accordance with applicable regulations of the European community .

Aelle 80 S.A.S. always adheres to an ethic of production that reflects the antithesis of the inclination of the market which is to sell products more durable and less prone to deterioration , pledging to maintain the high quality of its products at competitive prices for sale provide a machine that meets the real needs of the consumer and with the accessories supplied are not only simple but become a true vacuum " CLEANING SYSTEM " .

In an effort to comply with the demands of the customer, all vacuums AELLE 80 SAS are the result of years of analysis and listening to the comments of the consumer who joined the search for new materials and components to obtain a final product more innovative solution that represents the BEST more EASY and EFFECTIVE to solve and facilitate cleaning and hygiene.

Geared towards current trends in care for the health and the environment Aelle 80 SAS has developed a cleaning system that, thanks to the system of collecting dust with a jet spray , and the system of filtering through the water in the recovery tank eliminates any problem of allergies and the spread of dust and odors in the air. Moreover, thanks precisely to the rinsing performance is to clean water , and extraction of the dirt from the ground with the powerful suction power of our scrubbing , you can minimize or completely avoid the use of detergents used for cleaning , thus avoiding the harmful impact of chemicals and making a grand gesture of love towards the environment that surrounds us.

Lorenzo Alessandrini


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