10 GOOD REASONS to choose AELLE 80



  1. All cleaners AELLE 80 Sas are powerful , reliable, safe and intelligent .
  2. For over 30 years AELLE 80 Sas research and choose the best materials to build top-quality vacuum cleaners and is oriented towards new technologies for the use of alternative energy sources for the construction of centralized systems.
  3. AELLE 80 Sas listens to the needs of the consumers to get a product that meets the real needs , adopting the directions suggested and advice provided over the years of contact with major users in the field of hygiene professional and also household.
  4. Each unit is assembled with care and professionalism by expert hands in a small business of craft in an area of Lake Maggiore used in accordance with the environmental ecosystem.
  5. AELLE 80 Sas is a real ethical brand that was founded by a man with 50 years of experience in the industry that has always believed in offering solutions and kept his gaze forward by engaging in the art to provide effective cleaning systems .
  6. Have a good unit for the hygiene means getting a better quality of life in line with a greater respect for their person and greater harmony in the environment in which it is a party.
  7. Invest well in an apparatus for the hygiene means to minimize the time and effort normally employed .
  8. With the system of hygiene floor cleaners AELLE 80 Sas reduce the impact of the damage of chemicals polluting the environment with the benefit in the prevention of allergies and intolerances materials , bacteria and dust.
  9. They have an orange bell Unique and unmistakable !
  10. We like, we find them beautiful and make them good!
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